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Do you accept liens? - Yes, in fact we have continued to grow as a top choice for Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Attorneys because of the their ability to accept liens.  If you have been injured or you are an attorney with a client who has been injured, and are currently in the process of filing a Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation claim, contact us today.

If I’ve been injured in an automobile accident, should I get an MRI? - Detecting injury early on is a key factor in ensuring a pain free future and an MRI can help detect undiagnosed injuries.  Your first step should be to immediately contact a medical professional, for an evaluation of your injury and determination of what type of diagnostic tests should be conducted.  If you do not have a medical professional, Encompass through its strong history of a working with both attorneys, medical doctors and chiropractors, can provide you with a list of doctors in your area.

Does having a MRI hurt? - No. A regular MRI, not requiring contrast, is as painless as having an XRAY. 

Do I need a prescription?
- Yes, your doctor has to specifically request the MRI and designate the body part to be scanned.

How much radiation do I absorb? -
None.  A MRI emits no radiation.

I've had my MRI; what now? - It will take a day or so for the radiologist to review the MRI and prepare a report for the doctor and legal professionals.   One your doctor has reviewed the report, they will discuss the report with you and help with a plan for your recovery.

Can I have an MRI if I am pregnant? - No, you cannot undergo a MRI when pregnant.

Can I have an MRI if I have a metallic implant? - No.  In fact, if you have any metal inside you at all, you cannot have a scan.

Can children have a MRI? - Yes, it is perfectly safe for children to have a MRI.

How quickly can you schedule me? - Usually we can get you in the next day or two. Same day appointments are sometimes available; please have your doctor contact our scheduling department.  We also have a weekend appointments at our Chula Vista location.  

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